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Bregu on Top Story: “We may not be ready for accession negotiations”

10/10/2017 00:00

The European integration remains a delicate matter not only for the government, but for the Albanian citizens as well.

There have been several ultimatums from Brussels in the past year, once for the judiciary reform and then the vetting law. The conditions keep adding, to the point that many pose the question whether Europe really wants Albanians to be part of EU.

This frustration seems to have reached the government as well. Prime Minister Edi Rama declared a few days ago for Der Standard that Albania had done its homework, but Europe is unpredictable as regards EU integration.

On Top Story, former Minister of Integration, Majlinda Bregu, declared that in 2013 PM Rama was more enthusiastic on his declarations, but today he sounds more nervous, same as all other leaders of the region.

“Whoever worked with the accession process has felt frustration about a path that keeps getting longer with many unplanned events. The process is bilateral, but it depends a lot on how we fulfill our obligations. I suspect that we are not completely ready for the next step. I would like the process to continue without interruptions, but I fear the future will not be that easy”, Bregu declared.

However, she says she doesn’t agree with Lulzim Basha, who has chosen as opposition to support the argument that Albania is not ready for starting the accession negotiations.

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