Berisha: Shkodra, civilization school

04/05/2011 15:10

The closing rally in Shkoder, where Lorenc Luka runs for a
second mandate, the Prime Minister Sali Berisha expressed his respect
and gratitude towards the Shkoder citizens.

The Democratic Party stronghold, the biggest city in northern Albania, was considered by Prime Minister Berisha as the city of victory, a city that has remained loyal to the values of the western civilization and that has never been mistaken with its vote. The Albanian Prime Minister admitted that there have been mistakes in the long way of building the country, but, according to him, the healing was found at the citizen’s trust towards his government.

“As long as you will trust the Democratic Party, this government, this party, we will ask ourself every day on what we can do for the Shkoder citizens and for all Albanians. Whatever we do, we can never compensate what you have done for Shkoder and all Albania. We know that there have been mistakes in our road, but we are never mistaken on one thing. We are never mistaken about the force, the energy, the commitment, the dignity and the honesty that you have”, Berisha declared.

72 hours before the end of the electoral campaign, the Prime Minister Berisha shared with the Shkoder citizens his conviction that the Democratic Party will celebrate a plebiscite victory on May 8th, and this will be the victory of democracy.

“For us, who demolished the ‘Berlin Wall’ in Albania, who made Albania a NATO member, who removed visas for a free travel, there is no obstacle that we cannot overcome. We walk safe in our road of EU integration. On May 8th, Shkoder and Albania will vote the blue color, will vote Europe”, Berisha declared.

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