Berisha: Prosperity is our alternative

22/04/2011 15:55

Two weeks before the Election Day, the Prime Minister Sali Berisha has intensified his electoral meetings. Within three hours he met the residents of Poliçan, Kuçova and Ura Vajgurore.

The development of Berati district area through infrastructure, especially the Southern Axis, was the main focus of Prime Minister Berisha, without excluding his commitment for eliminating the extreme poverty of the Albanian families within this year.

“This is our alternative, the alternative of war against poverty with zero tolerance, crime, misery and corruption. This is our alternative. The alternative of NATO integration, free visa travel and EU integration. This alternative is the house of all citizens, despite their convictions. They are welcomed. Parallel to this alternative is the one of the solitary knight, the way of solitude. He is running towards the house of political oblivion”, Berisha said.

The Prime Minister is inviting the citizens to join the alternative of Alliance for the Citizen, and for this invitation he used one of the opposition’s slogans, which targets directly the head of the government.

“Mr. Rama chose the motto ‘it is Berisha’s fault’. The faults you address me, I hope they multiple and become as high as the Tomorri Mountain, because, with your way of solitude, you have voted against every project for the Korça citizens and of all Albania. You have voted against the aqueducts, against wage increase, against visa lift. You did everything to put visas inside the ballot boxes. I invite to vote on May 8th for the Alliance for the Citizen, the alliance that removed visas for all Albanians, the alliance that is developing this country with high speed, the alliance that leads you towards the EU”, Berisha said.

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