Berisha: No progressive tax

29/04/2011 20:05

The Prime Minister Berisha said that the government will not touch the
flat tax, considering as electoral speculations the voices that warned
the return of a progressive taxation.

“The flat tax cannot and will not be touched. Those who are saying this, are doing it for electoral purposes. But this is not an electoral purpose, but a purpose that belongs to the market regulation and for protecting the consumers from any cartel establishment”, Berisha declared.

The Prime Minister said that the government cannot accept high fees in some economy sectors, and for this reason, they are discussing the issue with the respective businesses.

“Extreme high fees will not be accepted. We have started a dialogue with the banks, which is giving the first positive signs, and also with the telecommunication companies”, Berisha emphasized.

This declaration comes after the media published information about a bill coming from the government, more specifically, from the Ministry of Finances, which intents to raise taxes for businesses with high profit percentages.

The bill that has been sent to be discussed at the Business Consultation Council doubles the taxes for the businesses that have higher profits than 20% of the turnover and triples the taxes for the businesses that have higher profits than 30% of the turnover.

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