Basha reacts for the Kamza Municipality: Suli and Skura will respond in front of the law

07/08/2019 22:51

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, reacted after the new Mayor of Kamza, Rakip Suli, form the Socialist Party, entered the offices by forcing the doors with the help of the Police Chief, Sali Skura.

“The thief Rakip Suli, helped by the gangster Rakip Skura, occupied the building of the Kamza Municipality. These criminals will respond in front of the law for this. I hope for their sake that this day comes before they are faced with the people’s anger”, Basha declared.

Basha said that for as long as Albania is led by Edi Rama as Prime Minister, the country will have no democracy or justice, and thieves will reign all over the place.

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