Basha presents DP requirements at the National Security Council’s online meeting

25/03/2020 18:42

Today the Albanian National Security Council convened under President Ilir Meta on the country’s situation with Covid 19 at an online meeting held through a secure platform.

Top Channel journalist Muhamed Veliu reported that the Council discussed the assessment of the epidemic situation such as forecasts for its peak and strategies of the campaign, as well as assessing the situation of regional hospitals, the training equipment and the protection of medical personnel.

Sources from the Presidency have announced that at today’s meeting of the National Security Council, DP Chairman Lulzim Basha stated: “Citizens today need security and guarantees. Every message addressed to citizens should be clear, well thought out and not a panic giver. Fear and terror do not appease Albanians”.

Further on Basha reportedly required:

1. Taking measures to avoid panic among some citizens. Citizens need to be given guaranties for their food. Without this guarantee you cannot ask them to stay locked in their homes.
2. Citizens need guarantees that they will be provided with the appropriate health care no matter where they live.
3. The business should be guaranteed that everything will be done to support it with concrete decisions. The undetailed plan only adds to the confusion and does not clarify either the employers or the employees.
4. A plan of measures for farmers is needed. Everything must be done to ensure that agriculture and livestock sector have work.

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