Basha meets new German Ambassador: “I’m their partner for resolving the crisis”

22/08/2019 18:08

The opposition leader, Lulzim Basha, met today with the new German Ambassador, Peter Zingraf.

After discussing the domestic political crisis in the meeting, Basha declared that the German politicians have a partner in him, ready to take any step that could resolve the crisis within the standards, norms and European principles.

Basha also commented on the decision of the Prosecution of Serious Crimes to take case 184 at the Dibra Prosecution.

“That decision was done by Edi Rama’s Katica (referring to the Northern Macedonian Chief Special Prosecutor, Katica Janeva, who was arrested on suspicion of power abuse) in order to remove the case form the Special Prosecution Against Corruption”, Basha said.

As for Agim Kajmaku, Mayor of Vora, Basha said that he has an open criminal case in Greece, and PM Edi Rama is not doing anything, despite being aware of this.

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