Basha: Let’s overthrow Rama. I will no longer listen to international representatives. Only the citizens

15/03/2019 23:47

“The agreement of May 17th was done under huge international pressure, in order to avoid civilian confrontation. We gave Rama a chance and he showed that it was a great mistake. When they ask me today why I don’t sit with Rama, it is because he doesn’t listen to us. This is why my answer to them is that I won’t listen to you anymore. I listened to you once. This time I will only listen to the Albanian citizens”, Basha declared.

Right after this declaration to international partners, who have asked him to withdraw and avoid violence, Basha said they should not side with a single person and a single party in Albania, but with the values that their countries stand for as well.

After meeting with the Czech Foreign Minister at the Democratic Party headquarters, the opposition leader, Lulzim Basha, declared that they discussed about the European values, which is the core of the battle that is being led by the opposition.

“I am encouraged by the fact that in this battle for European values and free elections, for a Parliament detached from crime and oligarchy, we have found a strong supporter in Albania’s European path”, Basha declared.

According to Basha, this path is hindered by the corruption, organized crime and the elimination of free vote.

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