Basha: Let’s not look at America, but do what Kosova did and act without delay

31/03/2020 19:32

Speaking to reporters today, the head of the DP opposition Lulzim Basha stressed that in the current state of affairs, is not only the small and large businesses, but the people in need that should receive help and not words from the government.

“Albania cannot be in front of the coronavirus measures and consequences but only follow the models. No more say one thing and do something else, no penny is distributed to people in need, these people need financial support, need money. Where to find the money? Cancel the 120 million euro concession contracts, today this is completely possible with the law on the natural disaster state.

“Reallocate 140 million euros of public investment and luxury spending that are not a necessity in times of crisis, this would be enough to manage 3 months”.

“We mustn’t copy America, but look at and act like Kosovo without delay, from the opposition there will be only cooperation. To propose solutions and to push for their achievement is our obligation for the interest of the citizens,” Basha said.

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