Basha, incident at the Engineering University

03/05/2011 15:20

A video posted on Youtube and published in many TV and newspapers web pages shows Lulzim Basha, the Democratic Party candidate for
Mayor of the Albanian capital, Tirana, during an electoral meeting with
Construction Engineering University students, when one of the professors
suddenly erupted and accused the DP candidate on January 21st.

The 70 second video that was posted on the Internet shows the professor Flora Haneli disrupting Mr. Basha’s speech, calling him “a murderer, you have been on top of the problems for six years and you haven’t solved them. You have caused horrible problems and crisis for this country”, the professor said.

The Electoral Headquarter’s press releases for Lulzim Basha’s activities do not mention this incident.

After this video was made public, Top Channel asked Mr. Basha’s Electoral Headquarters an official pronouncement.  

”Lulzim basha is meeting each day with great pleasure the Tirana citizens in every corner of the city. As you can see from the tape, most of the students were against the unpleasant behavior of that woman”, says the press release.

Top Channel