Basha: Five reasons why Rama rejected opposition’s proposition for vetting of politicians

21/08/2019 19:04

The opposition leader, Lulzim Basha, accused the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, of taking criminals to run so that he can steal the elections and get richer by robbing Albanians and laundering dirty money.

“The psycho robber is a danger for the life and security of every family. He and organized crime are inseparable. In order to save Albania from criminals in power, we must remove Edi Rama”, Basha wrote.

Basha underlined that one year ago, the Democratic Party and the opposition proposed a law for vetting politicians, but, according to him, Rama and his organization voted against it.

Basha listed the five reasons why Rama rejected the law: 1, the vetting requires a majority of 93 votes, but Rama has filled it with criminals and they will not vote for their end: 2, the vetting of politicians investigates all high-level officials, MPs, Ministers, and candidates for the local government. But Rama, according to Basha, stole the elections to fill the municipalities with former convicts for drug traffic; 3, the vetting of politicians removes criminals from the politics and uncovers their mafia networks. But for Basha, Edi Rama holds the power with criminals and politicians connected with the crime. 4, the vetting of politicians investigates and removes from duty the politicians who can’t justify their wealth. Basha says that Edi Rama is robbing Albanians and getting rich with his political gang. 5, The vetting of politicians includes the PM, and according to BashaRama fears it as he leads the criminal gang that is robbing the country.

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