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Basha and Noka: “PM Rama is not allowing parliamentary debate”

12/10/2017 00:00

Lulzim Basha and Flamur Noka were on the same line today outside the
Parliament, after Speaker Gramoz Ruci canceled today’s session.

Both the DP leader and the MP who was banned from today’s session, accused the majority of trying to shut the voice of the opposition.

“That’s the end of a parliament. He hasn’t been allowing debates for the past two weeks. He avoids debate because he fears it”, Basha told journalists.

“This is an attempt against democracy”, Noka declared.

Democratic Party MP Noka was banned from today’s parliamentary session after he usurped the podium and refused to liberate it, despite Speaker Ruci’s requests. Noka went on the podium after the opposition claim they heard PM Rama saying “this guy has gone crazy” when Berisha was speaking on the podium.

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