Basha accuses Rama and Veliaj for new construction, while company says permit came from Basha

02/07/2017 00:00

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, was involved today in a
debate regarding a residential complex that is about to be built in
Tirana, where there used to be a park.

Basha said that it was one of the investments made by the Tirana Municipality when he was a Mayor, and that Erion Veliaj is destroying it in favor of businessman Besnik Sulaj, a friend of Edi Rama.

The owners of the property, however, replied by saying that the permit was approved in 2013 by Basha himself, while the construction company even says that Basha sent him people close to him in 2013, asking for one portion of the construction.

The company says that after they refused to pay, Basha turned the private property into a  park, as revenge.

Arlis Construction says the Tirana Municipality will benefit 5 million EUR in taxes, and 50% of the area will be used as park for the community.

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