Bardhyl Nuredinaj appointed Chief of the Military Intelligence Service

14/11/2017 21:29

Albania has two intelligence services, the State Intelligence Service (SHISH) and the Agency of Intelligence, Security and Defense, (AISM), or widely known as the Military Intelligence Service.

Both these institutions have been without leaders until today. Helindon Bendo, proposed to replace Visho Ajazi at SHISH, has not been decreed by President Meta.

AISM has been without a leader for the past two months, after Bardhyl Kollcaku was transferred as General Chief of the Armed Forces.

Sources say for Top Channel that the Minister of Defense, Olta Xhacka, signed the order that appoints Colonel Bardhyl Nuredinaj as Chief of AISM.

The AISM Chief is no longer appointed or discharged by a presidential decree, but only through the Minister of Defense.

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