Arvizu-Rama, race on bicycle

23/04/2011 00:00

The US ambassador in Tirana, Alexander Arvizu, changed the official costume for blue jeans, accepting the invitation of Mayor Edi Rama for participating at the Earth Day celebrations.

Accompanied by a group of young people, Rama presented the newest municipality project of placing rubbish bins with the logo of the Municipality, a project found in many world metropolis cities.

Rama and Arvizu visited the bicycle renting point, created only recently.

“The Earth Day is a day of international celebration, for the Earth, the nature and the environment that we traditionally celebrate with the US ambassador, since this celebration day was born in US. On 1969, the senator Nelson made a strong appeal to the people for them to start thinking about the Earth and the environment”, declared the Mayor of Tirana, Edi Rama.

“When Mr. Rama invited me to participate in a sport activity, I became a little nervous, because I thought it was about a basketball match. But he invited me to celebrate the Earth Day, now turned into a tradition in Tirana. I said “Yes, just tell me where and when”. We are very happy that America was the initiator, the birthplace of the Earth Day. The special thing about this day is that it came very spontaneously. This initiative did not come from the government or any big corporation”, ambassador Arvizu said.

Mayor Rama and US ambassador, together with a group of young people, rode in the “Zhan D’Ark” boulevard lanes assigned only to bicycles, constructed by the Tirana Municipality in function of the multimodal transportation.

This ride attracted the attention of passerby people, while Rama and Arvizu started a mini-race.

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