Albania's new government

Albania's new government
The Prime Minister designate, Edi Rama, announced the names of the Ministers of the new government that will be led by him in September.

While five of the ministries will go the Socialist Movement for Integration, Rama declared that the new government will not be the traditional tribune of showing off power, but a restless table of discussion that will justify with great dedication the expectancies of the Albanian people.

“The new government is fruit of a cooperation with the strategic ally, the Socialist Movement for Integration, which I want to thank for the good cooperation in the creation of the new government. This government must have the team work values. 90% of these people are sitting for the first time on the Minister’s chair, and this cabinet has more women than an Albanian government has ever had in all these 20 years. I will erve as a Prime Minister, but every Minister will only serve with honor and clean hands to its people”, Rama declared.

As promised, six of the 19 ministries will be led by women, a novelty in the history of Albania in the past 23 years.

The new cabinet:
Prime Minister: Edi Rama
Deputy Prime Minister, Niko Peleshi
Minister of Finances, Shkëlqim Cani
Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri
Minister of Defense, Mimi Kodheli
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati
Minister of European Integration, Klajda Gjosha
Minister of Justice, Nasip Naço
Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Enterprising, Arben Ahmetaj
Ministër i Energjisë dhe Industrisë, Damian Gjiknuri
Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Edmond Haxhinasto
Minister of Urban Development and Tourism, Eglantina Gjermeni
Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration, Edmond Panariti
Minister of Health, Ilir Beqja
Minister of Education and Sport, Lindita Nikolla
Minsiter of Social Welfare and Youth, Erjon Veliaj
Minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro
Minister of Environment, Lefter Koka
Minister of Innovation and Public Administration, Milena Harito
Minister for Local Matters, Bledi Çuçi
Minsiter for Relations with Parliament, Ilirjan Celibashi

Top Channel asked Mr.Rama why the names had to be made public one month before the Parliament meeting, and what will they do until the cabinet makes its oath.

“All Ministers must get to know the content of their job and start thinking how to cooperate and divide the existing departments, and for the work that is needed to build from scratch all the things that need to be built from scratch. We want to start our government on the first day, not losing time by getting to know the work that is expecting us”, Rama declared.

The Prime Minister designate was asked about the allies of the Alliance for European Albania, who are not being represented in the Rama government with Ministerial posts.

“We are discussing with the big and small allies, and I guarantee you that we will share responsibilities, but not parcels. We will share the great weight of a good governing, but we will not divide directories for parties. Lawyer Ngjela has taken his responsibilities before the others, and this is an unchangeable responsibility, regardless of the position. Although I regret to say that we have not agreed for the position. He has refused a position that is decent for his reputation and level”, Rama declared.

New Elections in Korce

After the proposition made by the next Prime Minister, Edi Rama, to appoint the Mayor of Korce as Deputy Prime Minister, Niko Peleshi, the Mayor must resign from the post that he holds since 2007.

In fact, this would cause a revote in Korce.

Referring to the law, the elections will be held not later than 45 days after the vacancy, which will be declared on the day that Niko Peleshi will take his oath as Deputy Prime Minister of Albania.