Top Fest 10 final

The Top Fest final is here. The festival that gathers the Albanian voices from wherever they are, will be concluded this Saturday night with a show full of surprises, led by Ledjon Lico and Marina and Luana Vjollca.

Ledjon Lico, show host: “Ten years ago I would have never believed that I would be here on the 10th edition of Top Fest. I followed the first edition as public and as part of it. Pole Position was connected with Top Fest at that time, and in some way I was connected with it. In the second edition I was working in the backstage and, have been related with Top Fest for all the following years. Certainly that in these 10 years there have been songs that have changed the inner world of the people, and this makes you feel good. With the advertisement video of this edition we wanted to remind all these songs, as everyone has done in his life by singing along with them. We wish that even after 10 years Top Fest will still have the same impact, and we believe that this will be seen in the awards night, when I will be hosting the show accompanied by the beautiful Vjollca sisters.

Marina Vjollca, show host: There will be still too much to give from Top Fest and us, the hosts. This is the third edition that has been trusted to us and we feel more responsibility. We hope to give to this night what it deserves.

Luana Vjollca, show host: There will be something different this year. We will come as you have never seen us before. This is the tenth year and there must be things that have never been seen.

In this tenth edition there are a series of musical tendencies.

Dorian Gjoni, music director: The tendencies are still close to those of the last years, which is dominating now, but there are many pop and rock songs that are still staying. There are radio songs with summer rhythm and of very good quality.

This is a long road of competition among several artists.

Ergys Lubonja, author: This has been a long and difficult road, that lasted four months. We had 160 singers in the first phases, where the songs were not live but mastered by the respective studios. The semi-final phase had 39 singers singing live for the first time, and the final night has 13 singers, 9 awards and the biggest award that will be given by joining the vote of the jury with hat of the public.

Certainly that the final night will not have only competition.

Ergys Lubonja, author: There will be many surprises and special guests. I believe that the scene decor is very special this year, very technological. We hope to offer the best show to our viewers.