USA: Maximal attention

USA: Maximal attention
Jonathan Moore, head of Central and Southern European Affairs at the US State Department started his two-day trip to Tirana by attending a visit with the opposition leader, Edi Rama.

Accompanied by the United States Ambassador to Albania, Alexander Arvizu, and also by the Director of Policies at the United States Embassy, Mrs.Jennifer Moore, the US official’s visit at the Socialist Party headquarters lasted for more than one hour.

Top Channel asked Mr.Moore if he had introduced to Rama any formula to resolve the Central Election Commission issue, and if he hoped in finding a compromise on this matter.

“This was my first meeting during this visit. I will continue meeting Albanian officials today and tomorrow. I will have more to say tomorrow evening, after the visits. Same to the other times, we have expressed our position on the elections and our ambassador made it clear that we want the Albanian people to trust the electoral process, the state institutions and the result of the June 23rd elections”, Moore stated.

Sources from the Socialist Party added for Top Channel that Moore guaranteed Rama for a maximal attention and observation by the US State Department, during and after the elections. Same sources confirm that Moore stated that “they will not tolerate anything regarding the elections, which are very significant for the United States”.

Jonathan Moore is attending a lunch meeting with the Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, which started at 14:00.

Earlier the day, Jonathan Moore met with the Democratic Party candidate, Eduart Selami, who confirmed that their conversation focused on the Central Election Commission stalemate.

Asked by the journalists if the US official had suggested any alternative for resolving the Central Election Commission issue, Selami underlined that this is an interior matter and it is up to the Albanians to resolve it within the domestic laws.

“The Central Election Commission stalemate is a problem that belongs to the Albanians, and we can resolve it through our law. The Democratic Party is interested in having a complete Central Election Commission, with all the seven members”, Selami declared.

During his last visit in Tirana, Moore declared that there are “legal arguments that put in question the Parliament’s voting to replace one Central Election Commission member”, adding that “the United States want to see the Central Election Commission functioning”.

Moore meets Meta

The Director for Central and Southern Europe at the US State Department, Jonathan Moore, met with the Socialist Movement for Integration leader, Ilir Meta.

Meta released a press statement in which he declared that part of his conversation with Moore was also the stalemate at the the Central Election Commission, bud added that he assured the United States official that the opposition is determined to fulfill its legal obligations in other levels of the legal administration.

“We expressed our interest so that we can reestablish trust and integrity to the the Central Election Commission, and I also expressed our determination to become part of all other election administration levels”, Meta declared.

As regards the recent declarations of The Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, regarding the debate between him and Rama, Meta declared that the debates are not a principle matter and for the moment the Prime Minister should not withdraw from the promise to vote the three laws.

“Berisha should continue the dialogue with Rama. I am here and ready for debates. Berisha must understand that it is very important to not change his mind for the issue of the three laws, and contribute in a positive legacy as regards the election standards’, he declared.