EU, concern for CEC issue
15/04/2013 19:20

EU, concern for CEC issue
The European Union, same as the other international factor members, showed its concern about the recent political developments in Albania, such as the replacement of the Socialist Movement for Integration member at the Central Election Commission, after SMI decided to change sides and join the opposition.

EU criticized the recent moves of the Albanian majority, saying that they damage the credibility of the June 23rd electoral process.

“EU shares this concern with the other partners, regarding the possible consequences that the parliament voting might bring to the people’s trust on the electoral process”, the communication says.

EU values that all political factors are responsible to guarantee an impartial electoral administration.

The Spokesperson for Commissioner Fule, Peter Stano, declared on a phone interview for Top Channel that the European Commission is following this case with great concern.

Mr.Stano underlined the fact that according to the Albanian Electoral Code, the election administration representatives should be replaced through a professional and unbiased way, and this procedure should work without obstacles, in a transparent and non-partisan way.

“The independence of CEC should be guaranteed, because the chosen members have sworn to be impartial and independent. All political parties have the obligation to guarantee the credibility of CEC, guaranteeing this way the credibility of this Commission at the public”, Stano declared.

The Spokesperson reiterated the importance of the June 23rd elections not only for Albania, but also the devaluation that the EU member countries will give.

“The elections and the electoral campaign should show a sign of maturity for the functionality of the Albanian democracy. This will be an evaluation object from the member countries, when they will take a decision for Albania, during the enlargement negotiation process”, Stano declared.