Muho: I will not resign

Muho: I will not resign
“I have no intention to resign, because I am fully exerting the duty and competences given to me by the law”, declared Ilirian Muho, whose name is now in the centre of the conflict. He doesn’t see the claim of the DP to replace him with a member of the Republican party either as legal or constitutional.

He reminds that he was voted in the Parliament for this post, even by the Republican Party and the Party for Justice, Integrity and Unity.

“It is true that my candidacy was proposed by the Socialist Movement for Integration, but also that after the selection of candidacies, my candidacy was presented in Parliament. I was voted and I took my oath in front of the Parliament, to show impartiality and professionalism in doing my duty. From this moment I have had no other connection with the other parties, and I will keep doing my job as a Central Election Commission member”, Muho declared.

OSCE: CEC is apolitical

Muho’s declaration that the CEC members are apolitical was supported by the OSCE ambassador, Eugen Wollfarth, who reminded the Albanian politics that despite the result is decided by the electors, not the people who lead the institutions.

“It is important to have an apolitical work from CEC, and by what we saw here, it is going this way. Everything else should be based on the law. The Constitution and laws are the basis of every democratic country. For the upcoming elections, we must keep in mind that the electors are the ones who vote, and only their vote decides. People should get used to it”, Wollfarth declared.