Shkelzen Berisha reacts to accusations
29/12/2012 19:40

Shkelzen Berisha reacts to accusations
Shkelzen Berisha, the son of Prime Minister Sali Berisha, reacted against the accusations launched by the Socialist Party through an e-mail sent to the media. He states that the opposition is lying about the transparency of his wealth and that of his sister.

Shkelzen Berisha denies being involved in any consult for any company regarding the privatization of any hydropower plant.

"Once again, Edi Rama, through Taulant Balla, brought the next lie in the media market by saying that I have served as a consultant for one of the companies that participated in the HPP tender. I want to make it known to the public that this is a low slander and that I have never given legal assistance for any company that has participated in public procurements", Shkelzen Berisha declared in his reaction.

The Prime Minister's son says that he will address to the Court for this defamation. Shkelzen Berisha adds that he has never violated the law with the wealth declaration.

"My legal obligation on behalf of transparency is to report each year my wealth at the High Institution of Audit and Declaration of Assets (HIDAA), which is verified by the institution for any conflict of interest. HIDAA, an independent institution, gave a public answer to the defamatory Balla and Rama by certifying my private activity. I have also opened a lawsuit to enable Rama and his defamatory paid people to prove their accusations in front of the justice institutions", the declaration continued.

Shkelzen Berisha's declaration concludes with a request addressed to the opposition leader, Edi Rama, in which he says that he asks Mr. Rama to convince Mr. Balla to not avoid the trial as a coward.

This is the second reaction of Shkelzen Berisha, after a previous one he made together with his sister, Argita, a few days ago.

DP accuses Rama

The DP accused the opposition leader, Edi Rama, of blocking the integration processes and for defamation against the Prime Minister and his family.

"The Socialist Party leader, Edi Rama, gave as a greeting card for the holidays to the Albanians the blockage of the EU candidate status. The new "blockmen" are trying to cover this unprecedented act in the history of any other country in their integration process through lies and defamations against the Prime Minister's family. However, on June 23rd, the Albanians will bring down the blockage wall with their vote, as they brought down the isolation wall built during the dictatorship by the fathers of these 'blockmen'", declared Laura Vorpsi from the Democratic Party press office.