Less females in Albania

Less females in Albania
While females used to dominate the Albanian population a few years ago, new studies show that this trend is changing.

Results show that for 100 females 112 males are born. The population registration shows that 110.2 of the children under 5 are males, and 100 are females. Experts raise the concern of selective birth, with couples that prefer males and abort females.

“This dynamics of the population will have bad consequences in the future, when these children will become adults. The “marriage market” will shrink, and this is a consequence that could cause more emigration”, declared Arjan Gjonca, a demographer.

Gender selection in childbirths has been raised as a problem even in the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council last year. But the director of policies at the Health Ministry, Pellumb Pipero, underlines that in Albania it is forbidden by law to abort after the third month of the pregnancy, a time when the gender of babies cannot be told.

“The Health Ministry considers selective gender aborts as absurd and morally and legally condemnable. On January 2013 starts the implementation of the law for abort licences in Albania. So far there are only three or four licensed clinics, and their deadline is January 2013. The Health Minister ordered a task force that will control the implementation of this law about abortion”, Pipero declared.

The study on selective gender childbirths in Albania was presented in a conference and had the support of UNFPA, World Vision and the Health Ministry.