Berisha: Pensioners to receive bonus

Berisha: Pensioners to receive bonus
The government decided to give bonus payments to state administration employees and retired people. Although it’s a modest one of 2000 ALL for pensioners, due to the economic circumstances, PM Berisha declared that his government could not skip them, as the opposition did.

According tot he Prime Minister, the opposition not only did not raise its voice for the bonus payments of pensioners, but they spread untrue information that they would not be paid this year.

“They didn’t ask in Parliament or elsewhere for the government to pay pensioners. I invite the opposition MPs, who didn’t vote the increase of votes and wages, and didn’t ask the bonus for payments, to at least publicly apologise to them and learn that apologies are a gift of civilized men”, Berisha declared.

After the government meeting, PM Berisha blamed the opposition for their Budget 2013 amends, which, according to the Prime Minister, show that they are not capable to govern in favour of the citizens’ interests.

“Do you remember the opposition bringing any amend to increase wages? Certainly not! Their amend to calculate the debt as GDP percentage will enter Guinness as an international level gaffe. Every high school student, now that they have economic studies in high schools, knows that the debt cannot be calculated differently than a GDP percentage”, Berisha declared.

Berisha declared that during the budget plan, the international institutions have recomemnded the government to not increase wages and pensions, a suggestion that PM Berisha declared that he will always reject, for as long that he leads the government.

“Wage and pension policy cannot be touched. We have a solemn promise to the electorate, and for as long that they vote us, we will increase wages and pensions”, Berisha declared.