WB: More poor people in Albania

WB: More poor people in Albania
The World Bank warned that the crisis that has hit the family budgets after 2008 could increase the poverty level in Albania.

The recent report on the economy in the region has a special article for poverty. The bank says that one of the reasons why the living standard in Albania could have deteriorated is related with the high level of food goods. A study from the World Bank experts notes that the Albanian families are the least protected in the region from the food price crisis.

The study states that a 5% food prices increase in Albania add 39.000 poor people to the list of those who live with less than 2.5 USD each day. Higher increases bring larger consequences. The recent INSTAT poverty level was held in 2008, and since then, Albania and Bosnia are the only two countries that have no more official statistics on the living standards.

In more than one case, the World Bank has pressured the government to refresh the poverty indicators in order to measure the consequences left by the crisis to the family budgets, but without a result. INSTAT keeps withholding the living standard study by referring still to the figures of 2008.

Since then, the economy has received other hard hits. Besides the increased food prices, the family budgets have faced reduced income levels, not only from remittances but also from other sources, due to the crisis, adding the suspicions that more families have returned to poverty.

Experts throughout the world say that poor people pay the biggest cost of the crisis. In Albania, INSTAT and the government don’t know how many poor people are there, and policies are based on statistics of five years ago, when the world and the economy were much different.