Rama: Debt is suffocating the country

Rama: Debt is suffocating the country
The Socialist leader, Edi Rama, met with representatives of the Union Confederation in Rreshen. Rama’s speech focused on the government debt and corruption that has also been certified by international organizations.

“This debt has gone above 3000 EUR, and costs 80.000 ALL to Albanian families each year. 80.000 ALL missing in the economy and the pockets of the Albanian families. This debt is an abyss where Albania might fall any minute, and find itself in a situation that we cannot predict”, Rama declared.

According to the opposition leader, the country is going on the opposite direction, being among the most corrupted, unemployed and hopeless countries in the world.

“What we promise to do is place the truth in the foundation of the government’s work regarding the citizens, giving an end to the manipulated employment figures, the economic growth and qualitative services, by opening a chapter where the truth, despite its bitterness, will be the foundation of our government and its relation with the public”, Rama declared.

During the conversation, Rama spoke about the need of a political rotation in 2013 to close the 8-year-long chapter of bad governing and bringing a hope through a new governing model and vision.

“The reason why I am committed in this effort is not to remove a Prime Minister and bring another one, just a bit taller. The goal is not to remove those who wave a blue flag and bring those with a purple flag. Our goal is to close a chapter and open another one. For this, everyone is very important in this process, because you are the voices of courage and hope. I would ask you to become the spokespersons of this project, the defenders of this hope and the power of the trust that things could be different and that things will change”, Rama declared.