New Prosecutor: I will reform the institution

New Prosecutor: I will reform the institution
The General Prosecutor of Albania, Adriatik Llalla, declared that his responsibility is to reform and modernize the investigation work of the Prosecution in the war against organized crime and corruption.

"I will start by reforming the Prosecution. There are many Prosecutors here who don't deserve the post, because they violate the law. I will identify them and relieve them from duty, because this minority is staining the name of the institution and is blocking the work of the others who are dedicated", Llalla declared.

In an interview for VOA, Lalla declared that his main focus will be war on corruption.

"Corruption is a concerning problem for the Albanian society. This was identified by Transparency International. All corruption cases will be fully investigated and the responsible will take the appropriate punishment", Llalla declared.

Llalla also underlined that he has never had political pressures and that every high rank official will be obliged to present himself in front of the prosecutors, in case they are being investigated.

"The law has clearly established that every citizen, no matter his post, is obliged to appear in front of the prosecution and answer anytime he is summoned. No one can escape to this responsibility, because the law provides other measures for those who refuse. The Prosecution has all the compentences to summon and investigate every official, even the President. No one will dare avoid the law", Lalla declared.

He said that he will increase the punishments against criminals by carefully collecting evidence in close cooperation with other institutions.

"I will establish the relations provided by law with all the responsible institutions in the war against crime and corruption, starting from the State Police, the Secret Service, the Supreme State Audit, the High Institution of Declaration and Audit of Assets, the Customs, the Tax Directoory and all other institutions. We will also cooperate with homologues in other countries, especially Italy, Greece and Britain, where the crime of the Albanian citizens is more evident. It is very important to train the Prosecutors. Most of them come from western schools and will bring novelties in our institution. I will support this part of the Prosecutors", Llalla declared.

He answered to the questions regarding some of the most controversial trials in our country, such as Gerdec and January 21st.

Gerdec - I'm on my first days of duty. I am gathering information regarding this important and sensitive issue for the public opinion. I support the prosecutors and the investigations, and I am reviewing very closely the files, also for January 21st.

January 21st – Such important investigations should be carried in the first moments. We will give priority to such events and all those who are responsible will be thoroughly investigated and punished.