Berisha: CEZ, badly managed

Berisha: CEZ, badly managed

The Albanian Prime Minister blamed the CEZ Company for the power cuts for not being able to manage their assets in Albania.

Berisha declared that the Socialist Party promise to remove small business taxes cannot be realized.

“The SP is making a political promise that is unique in Europe and the world. The opposition is telling the Albanians that the debt will be taken from the state’s bank and it will be calculated as a percentage of the GDP”, Berisha declared.

The Prime Minister criticized the progressive tax, as one of the main pillars in the “National Rebirth” program of the Socialist Party.

“The Progressive Tax is a notorious tax that was firstly installed in Albania by Rama’s predecessors in 1946, and I guarantee you that if you investigate, you will find archives with the real author of this law, the uncle of Edi Rama. This government is the strongest supporter to businesses, which have increased with 2.5 times”, Berisha declared.

Resolution for Chams

Berisha refused to give an answer for the questions about the Cham resolution. The Prime Minister declared that the majority would review this proposition presented by the allies, declaring that the Democratic Party was an initiator of many moves in favour of the Cham matter.

“Together with my late friend, Gramoz Pashko, we raised the Cham issue in 1991, when the Greek prime Minister was the first one that met the Albanian government. One of the issues that we discussed was the Cham case. In the Friendship Treaty of 1995 with Greece we had an article about the property of Albanians in Greece and of the Greeks in Albania. These are legal-technical matters that will be solved based on these procedures. Unfortunately, this matter didn’t progress. There is no territorial problem between the countries and there’s a friendship treaty that both countries recognize each-other’s borders. This treaty is an excellent base to resolve our issues”, the majority leader declared.

Nationalist declarations

The nationalist declaration released on the 100th anniversary of independence was considered by Prime Minister Berisha a reiteration of his previous stances, and he refused to comment the declaration of the US Prime Minister, Alexander Arvizu, when he condemned the increase of the national rhetoric.

“I’m not here to comment the declarations of ambassadors. My declarations are a reiteration of my stances. Even in the celebrations for the Prizren League, 3 years ago, I did gave the same declarations that I have given in summer of 1992, a decree on 17 July 1992 which says that the Albanian citizenship will be recognized to all Albanians, wherever they are and regardless their citizenship. This was a legal stance and this is nothing more than media noise. But the new circumstances of the Albanians in Macedonia, Montenegro and Presheva are better today. They have travelled through Europe before the citizens of Albania and the visa is not a problem. The only problem is Kosovo, and Albania believes in the consolidation of Kosovo’s independence, which contributes in reinforcing the stability in the region”, the Prime Minister declared.

Status, census and elections

The Prime Minister blamed Edi Rama and the Socialist Party for not voting the three remaining laws that punished the Albanians with the candidate status.

Berisha declared that EU works based on its institutions and the declarations that some EU countries declared that the status would be denied even if the three laws were voted, are not true.

Berisha underlined that the three laws were the only thing that punished our country, and that the additional requests mentioned in the EU recommendation, such as the war against corruption and the rule of law were a good basis for opening the negotiations.

Last week INSTAT published the Census results. The Prime Minister declared that the data show an economic and social progress of the Albanians, and more properties. Berisha criticized the opposition about their declarations on illiteracy, saying that the schooling of the Albanian children has been a priority for the government.

As for the next elections, Berisha declared that the Democratic Party will have the widest coalition in the history of the Albanian elections.