SP: Argita and Jamarber, 21.6 million ALL as teachers

SP: Argita and Jamarber, 21.6 million ALL as teachers
On the fourth day of reporting the assets of the government officials, naming them as “blue blockmen” (referring to the communist leaders who lived in a special block in Tirana and were informally called “blockmen”,) the Socialist Party through MP Taulant Balla analyzed the assets declared by Jamarber Malltezi, husband of Argita Berisha, the Prime Minister’s daughter.

“I want to make clear that what we are reporting is the official declaration of Sali Berisha and his family members”, Balla declared.

“If Argita Berisha has profited 14.6 million All (circa 146.000 USD) in one year only from teaching, her husband has also profited 70 million, only from teaching. To make it clear for the Albanian citizens, the couple Argita Berisha and Jamarber Malltezi were paid in one year with 21.6 million ALL (circa 216.000 USD). Their annual profits mount up to 31.3 million ALL. This is the highest paid couple of the blue blockmen”, Balla declared.

Balla added that both spouses must answer to the public about their hourly fee.

“It is publicly known that one hour of teaching in state owned faculties is paid 1000 ALL, while private faculties pay 3000 ALL. Argita Berisha breaks any record, since it means that she teaches for 4867 hours each year, or 22 hours a day”, Balla declared.