Judge Tabaku returns in the courtroom

Judge Tabaku returns in the courtroom
The Tirana Prosecution ended the investigations about former-judge Neritan Tabaku, who will face justice for power abuse in damage of the state.

Sources from Top Channel confirmed that the task force has charged Tabaku of damaging the interests of the Prosecution by not filing the explanatory arguments for two First Degree Verdicts, blocking this way the trials of Ilir Xhakja and Jordan Findiku.

The Prosecution continued by arguing that the former judge has also damaged the image of the judicial system. Listing his arguments, Prosecutor Julian Zonja accused the former judge of delaying the explanatory arguments of the verdict that liberated Ilir Xhakja, who was then accused for the murder of Qerim Maloku. Tabaku is also accused for delaying for two years the trial of Jordan Findiku.

There are no details by the Prosecution if the former judge has intentionally delayed the cases. Tabaku was relieved from duty by the High Council of Justice.

During this session, President Bujar Nishani underlined that it is unacceptable to have such cases when judges are the ones to obstruct justice.