EU: No border changes
17/12/2012 15:50

EU: No border changes
The head of the EU mission in Tirana, Ettore Sequi, joined the concern for the increased nationalist rhetoric in the Albanian politics, saying that EU requires the Albanian politics to not go against the practices that guarantee good relations with neighbours.

“The US Ambassador gave some arguments with which I agree. I also want to mention the EU position on this matter. EU believes that the border integrity is not a matter, and we don’t want to see border changes. The European Council conclusions for Albania, the opinion of the 27 EU countries, is that they welcome the constructive role in the region and appeals Albania to avoid declarations that fall against practices for good relations with neighbours. This stabilizing role is part of the obligations in the EU path”, Sequi declared.

The EU diplomat in Tirana gave this declaration after meeting the Directing Committee of Interested Parties in a financial project paid by the EU in support of the Albanian justice system, ERALIUS III. This 100 million EUR project is entirely financed by the EU and aims to support and progress with the justice reforms in order to return the people’s trust to the institutions and reinforce democracy and the rule of law.

Sequi: Justice reforms, a necessity

The EU Ambassador in Albania, Ettore Sequi, appealed for the necessity of continuing the justice reforms, emphasizing that Albania needs an independent judiciary as an undisputable principle for a country that aspires to become a member of the EU.

The EU ambassador added that the justice reforms should continue despite the electoral campaign, and for this they should have a constructive cooperation with the political forces.

On his behalf, the Minister of Justice Eduard Halimi underlines the fact that the justice system reforms are still an important priority of the government. He accused the opposition of blocking the three laws asked by the EU, one of which is that of the Supreme Court, which serves to the country and the citizens.