Ahmet Zog's remains arrive in Tirana

Ahmet Zog's remains arrive in Tirana
The remains of Ahmet Zogu, the self declared King of Albania, have arrived in the airport of Tirana, followed by representatives of his family and members of the Albanian cabinet.

Ahmet Zogu died in France, in 1961. He will be reburied in Albania after a decision of the Albanian government for the 100th anniversary of independence.

This decision spurred debates between the politicians and historians. Some are sceptic for the role of Ahmet Zogu in the history of our country while others value him for founding the modern Albanian state.

Ahmet Zogu was born on 8 October 1985, and his raise to power was gradual. He was elected Prime Minister twice, once in 26 December 1922 until 25 February 1924, and another time from January 6th to January 31st 1925. After January 31st, Zog was elected President.

In 1928 he was self proclaimed king of Albania and stayed to power until 7 April 1939, when he fled Albania after Italy occupied the country. During the second world war he lived in England, hoping to return in Albania.

Monarchy was repealed in 1946, after the communists came to power. However, Zog kept claiming his throne and when he died in 1961, he left the heritage to his son, Leka Zogu I.