President prepared to discharge Ina Rama
26/10/2012 19:35

President prepared to discharge Ina Rama
Only two months after being elected, Albania’s new President, Bujar Nishani, will decree two important decisions. The first is about the election date for which he is consulting the political parties.

The second decree will be later, but much more delicate and different from the first. It is expected to spur debates in the Albanian political scene. This is the decree that appoints the General Prosecutor.

Official sources say for Top Channel that President Nishani is convinced that the mandate of the incumbent Prosecutor, Ina Rama, cannot be extended beyond November 22nd, the date when Ina Rama was voted by the Parliament five years ago.

The debate if Ina Rama’s mandate expires on November 2012 or May 2013 was brought to the centre of attention by the OSCE Ambassador, Eugen Wolfarth. After a meeting with the General Prosecutor, some weeks ago, Wollfarth declared that Rama’s mandate ends in May 2013, and that the authorities must find a person with integrity who is able to face the duty as it should, by preserving the independence of the institution.

The debates for the General Prosecutor are based on the fact that Ina Rama was appointed a few months before the Constitutional amends, where the Socialists and the Democrats reached consensus to establish a 5 year mandate for the head of the Prosecution.

Until Ina Rama’s appointment, the General Prosecutor had an unlimited mandate and could leave by resigning or with the President’s signature, without any Parliamentary investigation commission.

Neither of the main parties has given any official position about the mandate of the General Prosecution, Ina Rama.

Asked about thi s issue, Prime Minister Berisha declared only that he trusts that President Nishani will respect the Constitution with the appointment of the new General Prosecutor.

It seems that President Nishani, former Minister at Berisha’s cabinet, will not disappoint the Prime Minister’s trust by considering Ina Rama’s mandate as expired and by appointing the new General Prosecutor, whose identity is still unknown.