MP Tom Doshi testifies for January 21st

MP Tom Doshi testifies for January 21st
The trial against the former commander of the National Guard, Ndrea Prendi, together with Agim Llupo and Margarit Kume, has continued with the testimony of the Socialist MP, Tom Doshi.

He explained for the court that during the trial held without the cameras, the Prime Minister’s door was opened by a police agent and not by the protesters, and only after this action the vehicle went inside.

The MP recalled the moments when the police threw tear gas, which, according to Doshi, provoked the crowd and the Police officers who had simply hurt each other.

“I was informed about the killings by another MP that was standing by me. I understood that those were live bullets after I saw the tree branches falling down”, he added.

“This is a half-made trial, since the person who ordered the killings is not here, Sali Berisha. But we are testifying as in all other processes. Berisha killed the protesters”, Doshi declared after the session.

The Socialist leader for Tirana, Pjerin Ndreu, focused on the killing of protester Hekuran Deda.

“When I moved behind the journalists, Hekuran Deda was shot. Seeing the grave situation, with him lying with a big wound in the head, I asked the people around to lift him inside the ambulance”, Ndreu declared.

The brother of Hekuran, Zabit Deda, was present in court and he recalled how he had been informed at first that his brother was wounded, and only after he received the tragic news. The Prosecution withdrew from interrogating five other witnesses.