Al Qaeda cleric threatens Balkan
04/10/2012 17:40

Al Qaeda cleric threatens Balkan
The radical Islamic clerk, Omar Bakri, warned the Balkan states about an attack, in an interview published this Thursday on the Bulgarian newspaper “24 Chasa”.

The radical clerk who has lived in London for 20 years says that Balkan is a territory that belongs to Islam.

“When Islam enters a territory, that state turns into an Islamic state. Is our duty to liberate them”, Bakri declared, and when asked about the European states that are considered Islamic, he listed: “Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia are all Islamic countries”.

In the threats for Bulgaria, Bakri explained: “Spain is an Islamic state, because it has been under the Islamic regime for many years. Bulgaria has cooperated with Israel and has sent troops for the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, and this makes it a target”.

Bakri lived in London for 20 years and he’s not allowed to enter Britain after he left the country after the terrorist attacks in 2005 against the London buses. It is suspected that he has strong relations with high rank Al Qaeda exponents.