Former President: PM Berisha, a Stalinist

Former President: PM Berisha, a Stalinist
Bamir Topi answered with a harsh tone against the Prime Minister’s accusations, one day after Berisha accused him of being responsible for some justice issues.

“Berisha launched a series accusations, offences, defamations and denigrations trying to stain my name, my personal integrity and that of the institution that I have led as President. I am convinced that whoever heard him had the same feeling as me: an unbalanced man with a pathetic loss of control. The same man has been defaming the institutions and the honest people for 22 years, a feeling that can be compared only to his spiritual leader (Enver Hoxha, Albania’s former communist dictator) in his last days of life. If his behavior was just personal, me and my collaborators would disdain Sali Berisha. But his actions show that he is still a mental patient in a still serious phase”, Topi declared.

Topi answered Berisha after he accused him of being involved with the murder of Skerdilajd Konomi.

“You heard him when he said that he has no facts, but with the slang of a conflictual and backward man, who only aims to defame and divide people, he connected my name with the criminal murder of judge Konomi and the properties of his family. Berisha leads the State Police, the Secret Service and has the legal obligation and all the necessary access for formal information. He doesn’t investigate the truths, but he only slanders, because the truth doesn’t matter for him, and this is what he has done with all political and mafia style murders in these 22 years. AS for the judicial appointments, another endless slander, hoping that something will stand. Any procedure of the HCJ for the transfer of judges has been made with the vote of his ministers and with the hidden votes of 15 HCJ members, where the President has only one vote”, Topi declared.

The leader of the New Democratic Spirit Party declared that Berisha still uses the fear, threats, blackmail, defamation, lie and backstabbing methods, turning into a threat for the democracy.

“The New Democratic Spirit and thousands of citizens throughout Albania are determined to leave this negative, medieval and Bolshevik model behind. They will leave behind the man that came to politics through Ramiz Alia. I am double motivated in this public mission, and determined to remove the country from the private ownership of the Prime Minister’s family. I invite every citizen that believes in a normal Albania and in a responsible governing to find the courage, will and democratic vote to remove the last Stalinist of  Europe from power”, Topi declared.

Spahiu: Berisha, pictures with the murderer

The Red and Black Alliance has also answered to Prime Minister Berisha through their leader, Kreshnik Spahiu, who launched serious accusations to the government by saying that the killer of the Shijak Chief of Police has government connections.

“RBA appeals citizen Sali Berisha to urgently tell about his connections with defendant Ilir Xhakja and the reasons why he released him just before the local elections of May 8th 2011. The RBA invites Berisha to publish his photos with the murderers of Shijak,S ukth, Maminas and Durres during the electoral campaign. The RBA also invites Berisha to publish a full list of the murderers who have been released by order of the Minister of Justice before the elections of 200 and 2011. Very soon, the citizens of Albania will have a full file with the connections of Sali Berisha and Sokol Olldashi with dangerous criminals on the brink of the electoral campaign”, the RBA declarations says, according to which the government inspected the HCJ and found nothing suspicious.