"Austrian", bingo with National Lottery
17/09/2012 19:30

Austrian, bingo with National Lottery
The Ministry of Finances officially declared as winner of the tender for the National Lottery privatization the much debated company, Austrian Lottery.

The official document that was signed this Monday by the Minister of Finances notifies the Austrian Company that their application was declared as winner.

According to the announcement, the Austrian Company has received 90.72 points, while the second company, Consortium “Lto” has received 76.5 points.

The victory of “Austrian Lottery” was warned by several disqualified companies before the tender even started. They accused the government of holding a fictive tender with a fixed winner.

The government justified the controversial procedure with two arguments: first, this method would stop the approach of suspicious capitals in the country, by giving an opportunity only to the serious companies that have no problems with the justice.

But this argument was rejected a few weeks ago, when the “Austrian Lottery”, the winning company, was officially taken under investigation at the Austrian Parliament for circulating suspicious capitals among the political circles and for bribing politicians in order to keep the market monopoly.

The second argument of the government was that the low price for the tender would be compensated through taxes, claiming that Albania had imposed high taxes for the winning company. But even this claim can be brought down by just comparing Albania’s taxes with those of the other countries.

According to the comparisons, the Austrian company that will now have the monopoly of most of the gambling market in our country, will pay twice less taxes in Albania than in Austria.

With the recent decision of the Ministry of Finances, the Austrian Company will be officially declared as the winner of the National Lottery in Albania, and will make the agreement with the Albanian government official within 30 days.

Meanwhile, this tender will be added to the list of suspicious competitions, followed by strong controversies about the Albanian government’s national licenses.