The end of supervised independence

The end of supervised independence
Marti Ahtisaari, the man who planned the document that was later called “Ahtisaari’s Plan”, on the base of which Kosovo declared independence on February 2008, declared for the public in Prishtina that when he has taken a Honoris Causa award, when they didn’t know how to call him they called him “the David Beckham of Diplomacy”.

The former Finnish President spoke in front of delegations of different world media about his common thing with the British footballer.

“An element that me and Beckham do share is that we are both thinking how to retire with glory”, Ahtisaari declared.

The Nobel prize winner declared in the second part of his speech that the European Union must find a way to accept these 2 million people that live very close to them.

Ahtisaari made these comments at the conference “Closed Chapter in Balkan”, organized for the conclusion of the international supervision of Kosovo’s independence, where state leaders spoke about the European future.

The Kosovo President, Atifete Jahjaga, declared that the EU must speak unanimously about the region and especially for Kosovo, because this would aligning the difference between the countries.

PM Hashim Thaci: We just closed a chapter in Balkan, that of the emergency for assistance and supervision. But we also opened a new chapter, that of the cooperation, reconciliation and development between the countries.

The Albanian Foreign Minister, Edmond Panariti, visited Prishtina to felicitate Kosovo on behalf of Albania and declared that Serbia must remove its structures from Northern Kosovo.

“We hope that the agreements reached in Brussels in nine technical rounds must be implemented as soon as possible without equivocation and efficiency. This would include the removal of the criminal parallel structures that hamper Kosovo’s free movement in Northern Kosovo”, Panariti declared.

Present in this ceremony were representatives even from Japan and Gana, the African country that recognized Kosovo’s independence this January.