Who was Arben Xhaferri?

Who was Arben Xhaferri?
The leader of honor of the Albanian Democratic Party in Macedonai, Arben Xhaferri, was born in Tetovo in 1948. He will be remembered as one of the philosophers who read as he should the calendar in which he lived, a calendar that he marked with his activity and opinion that pushed forward many processes throughout the Albanian society.

Xhaferri passed most of his life in Prishtina, where many Macedonian intellectuals found a shelter during the Socialist regime.

Xhaferri returned to Tetovo in the years of the big political turmoil that was being experienced by the Albanians in Tetovo, and not only them. He returned to the biggest Albanian Party, the Party for Democratic Prosperity in years of big contradictions, which ended with the division of this party.

From this party came the Albanian Democratic Party that we have today, led by Xhaferri until 2007, when he was leader of honor.

With his return in Macedonia, Xhaferri returned the lost honor of the Albanian political thinking to the Albanian people. Soon he became the most important political figure of pan-national proportions.

He contributed in the political organization of the Albanians in Macedonia and established their place as an important factor for all Albanians.

Acting against the arrogance of the Macedonian politics of that time, and the inferiority of the Albanian politics, Xhaferri had to walk toward a future that should be a balance between the irrational Macedonian dreams and the terrestrial ambitions of many Albanians.

Because he had to operate locally but by thinking pan-nationally, he was not understood by his fellow Albanians in Macedonia and even less by the ethnic Macedonians, who experienced his way of thinking as a natural disaster that had happened to Macedonia.

Arben Xhaferri was among the rare politicians that left behind the temporary decisions and started looking towards the things that will make things for the Albanians eternal.

The political decisions might not be what will make him immortal, which nevertheless are there, but his way of thinking, as a philosopher who could see farther than any other Albanian politician.

Although a visionary, he could not predict that he would die this Wednesday. But he saw the paths that these divided Albanians should follow after lacking most of all of people as Arben Xhaferri.