Macedonia, Arben Xhaferri passes away

Macedonia, Arben Xhaferri passes away
The leader of honor of the Albanian Democratic Party in Macedonia, and the famous Albanian intellectual, Arben Xhaferri, passed away this Wednesday at the Skopje Hospital after a cerebral hemorrhage suffered last week at his residence in Tetovo.

The news was confirmed by the doctors at the neurological clinic, where Xhaferri was hospitalized. According to doctor Vladimir Mirecevski, Arben Xhaferr had a special treatment and all measures were taken, but the efforts were in vain.

“Despite the efforts of the medical team, Arben Xhaferri died today at 15:50”, declared Dr. Mirchevski.

Xhaferri was sent in a comatose state and he did not improve, despite the interventions.

A special ceremony will be held tomorrow on 16 August 2012 at 12:00, at the Cultural Palace of Tetovo.

The first leader of the Albanian Democratic Party suffered from Parkinson and was obliged to retire from leading the Democratic Party that he had led for 12 years.

Xhaferri was born in Tetovo on 24 January 1948. He graduated in the Tetovo high school and the Belgrade University. He has worked until 1990 at the Prishtina Radio Television for the cultural program.

He was elected for the first time as MP in the second Parliamentary elections in Macedonia, as leader of the Democratic Party. In 2001 he was among the figures who signed the Ochrid Agreement. Xhaferri has been considered as one of the biggest Albanian intellectuals.

Nishani: Xhaferri, master of political dialogue

The Albanian President, Bujar Nishani, considered Xhaferri a visionary leader that will be missing to everyone.

“Xhaferri brought the ideals that will serve to the Albanians and democracy”, Xhaferri says in his condolence message.

The Albanian President adds that Xhaferri was a master of dialogue to resolve with serenity seemingly hopeless problems.

Berisha: The loss of Xhaferri, a grief for Albanians

Prime Minister Berisha sent a condolence message to the family of Arben Xhaferri.

“Xhaferri’s death brought sadness and grief to all Albanians. His contribution is a priceless heritage that deserves gratitude”, Berisha declared.

 Rama: A great loss for the Albanians

The Socialist leader, Edi Rama, expressed his regret for the loss of Arben Xhaferri through a message on Twitter.

Rama said that Xhaferri was the truth that opened new paths with an extraordinary intellectual courage.

“His death is a great loss for the Albanian world, in proportions that only Xhaferri could incarnate in one single person. May he rest in peace”, Rama declared.

Topi: Xhaferri, a western minded politician

The former Albanian President, Bamir Topi, valued the class of Arben Xhaferri in the pan-Albanian politics. Topi considered Xhaferri a western minded politician and his death is a great loss for the nation.

“All Albanians feel sad for the loss of the citizen, philosopher, thinker and politicians Arben Xhaferri”, Topi declared.

AK: We lost a great renaissance man

The Red and Black Alliance expressed their regret to the family of Arben Xhaferri.

RBA says in its telegram that the Albanians lost the only clear mind that aimed the unification of the Albanian lands.

“Today we lost Arben Xhaferri, the clearest mind of the Albanian lands. Good bye, Arben Xhaferri, the testament of the unification of the Albanian lands”, the telegram says.

Condolences from Prishtina

Condolences came from the Kosovo leaders for the loss of Arben Xhaferri. President Atifete Jahjaga declared that the death of Xhaferri will leave a great gap for his family and collaborators in the political subject that he created and with which he stayed during these years.

Prime Minister Hashim Thaci writes in his condolence telegram that Arben Xhaferri was a high profile politician, thinker and visionary that left behind a wonderful contribution in the political life of Macedonia and all Albania.

The Kosovo Parliament Speaker, Jakup Krasniqi, declared that Arben Xhaferri will be remembered for his courage, sacrifice and intellectual that helped the Albanian politics in a pan-national plan.

The leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, declared that Arben Xhaferri will be remembered for his service to the nation.

The Albanians of Macedonia showed their deep regret for the loss of the man that they considered as the politician who faced the Macedonian pressured against the Albanian population, and for his important role for ending the conflict of 2001, being one of the initiators of the Ochrid Agreement.

The Democratic Party headquarters in Macedonia, which Arben Xhaferri led for 12 years, is in mourning and have started the preparations for the funeral ceremony.

The analyst and Director of Top Channel’s office in Skopje, Kim Mehmeti, expressed his condolences for the loss and added that the Albanians, not only those of MAcedonia, must learn how to nourish their values. Mehmeti declared that Xhaferri is a national value and for honoring his work it is necessary to have a cooperation between Tirana, Prishtina and Skopje.

Xhaferri’s funeral will be held this Thursday at 13:00.

Top Channel expresses its condolences for his death.