Lazarat attacks police

Lazarat attacks police
The police roadblock at the entrance of Gjirokaster was attacked at 01:00 by firearms that were shooting from the Lazarat village.

There were nine police officers at the roadblock who were shot by at least ten weapons. The police responded, but other shots came from Lazarat after 15 minutes, this time towards the hill, with tracer bullets that caused a massive fire in the village’s hill.

The fire exchange was aggressive in the first moments, seriously threatening the life of the police officers. The position of the persons who were shooting favored them to leave in time.

No one was wounded from the police and neither the residents. A press release of the Police Directory appealed the community to distance themselves from these criminal acts and cooperate to arrest the authors.

Three hectares of pine forest was burned down in order to stop the police advancement inside the village. It was impossible for the firefighters to enter, due to the difficult terrain.