Currilat, favorite beach in Durres

Currilat, favorite beach in Durres
The Durres citizens returned to the tradition Currila beach. The area has been revived in this tourist season, after it made it out of the polluted Adriatic beaches list.

Currilat is in northwestern Durres, 2 km away from the administrative center. Different from the big beach where the sea is hidden from the massive concrete buildings, the green areas here have been completely preserved.

The small bay guarantees not only pleasure for the holidays, but also calmness and intimacy for the beachgoers, who mainly come from the city of Durres. A specialty of the area is the sea food.

The sand and the green pines of nature combine with the bunkers thrown to sea for stopping the erosion, together with the former civil defense shelters and the newly built bars and hotels. The human hand has turned its livelihood by offering entertainment and qualitative services for the holiday makers.