Kosovo-Albania cement incident
15/06/2012 19:30

Kosovo-Albania cement incident
The MP of the New Kosovo Alliance, Emin Gerbeshi, is not affected by the fact that he belong to the coalition force that manages the Ministry of Commerce to oppose the government for the matter of the common market between Albania and Kosovo.

He criticized the Minister of Commerce, Mimoza Kusari Lila, which is part of his same party, for the decision that blocked the import of the Albanian cement to Kosovo.

“If the Minister doesn’t withdraw this decision, we will start the procedures for discharging her. We don’t have the mean to do this all by ourselves, but we will pressure it, starting with an interpellation”, Gerbeshi declared.

 He said that he has started meeting the MPs of the other parties for calling the Minister to interpellation and for bringing a new motion that would have as result the creation of a common market between the two states.

“We need to build a unique market in Albania and Kosovo, where the products of both countries can be sold as local goods, not as special goods. We will present a motion at the Parliament for having a unique market. We have the support of some MPs who could give their consensus. The second step will be the dialogue with Albania’s MPs”, Gerbeshi declared.

The chances for discharging the Minister or for repealing the decision are small. Other party sources say that the decision stands on a strong legal basis and it has been taken after consulting Prime Minister Thaci.

However, MP Gerbeshi is not alone with his initiative. The head of the AKR Parliamentary Group, Myzejene Selmani declared on a short phone conversation that the decision needs to be reviewed, and Minister Kusari Lila is aware of this. The PDK parliament member, Shaip Muja, has also opposed the government.