The next First Lady, officially the richest

The next First Lady, officially the richest
The newest Presidential family in Albania of the newly elected President Bujar Nishani and his wife Odeta Nishani, have a consolidated economic situation, based on the asset declaration at the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets.

The Shqip Newspaper has investigated the declarations handed over by the presidential couple until 2010.

What attracts the attention is the fact that Nishani’s wife is the one who owns most of the assets. The First Lady is the owner of three houses and two shops, all inherited from her father, and all in the city of Durres, by the beach. The First Lady also shares a loan with the President for an apartment in Tirana, since 2007.

The President doesn’t own any asset, besides the 43.000.000 loan for the apartment and a Toyota bought in 2009 for 3500 EUR.

Nishani belongs to the category of highs state officials that have declared modest assets at the HIDAA.