Ashta hydropower plant built

Ashta hydropower plant built
In less than two years, two Austrian companies were able to build and make functional the Ashta hydropower plant, at the Shkoder area, the biggest built after 1990.

The first operation of the Ashta 1 turbines, which are synchronized with the Albanian energy network, was inaugurated by the Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha.

For the Austrian investors, this is a test of the energy production, while for the Albanian Prime Minister this is a proof that shows how Albania is making real the project of his government for turning the country into a small energetic super-power for the region.

According  to PM Berisha, the encouragement of foreign and domestic investments for making a good use of all natural resources in function of the energy production, has three goals.

“We will produce energy with reasonable prices for the Albanian citizens, by giving value to the water resources that simply pour to the sea. The energy is a major problem throughout the world and its prices are constantly increasing. We believe that the most lucrative way for the Albanian citizens for preventing a price increase not only for us, but even for the next generations, is to produce energy from rivers and other renewable resources. Secondly, the construction process of these hydro-power plants will provide jobs for dozens of thousands of Albanians. And third, their construction has a direct effect in the payment balance, the export-import reports, which are very important for the economic development”, Berisha declared.

The Ashta hydropower plant is a 200 million EUR investment with a capacity of 53 MW, and the Austrian investors have planned to produce 240 million KW of energy in the next year, which will be sufficient for providing energy to 100.000 families. During his visit at the Ashta hydropower plant, Berisha guaranteed that there will be other facilities in the energy area.