Spiropali: Our vision for FRESSH
14/06/2012 19:20

Spiropali: Our vision for FRESSH
The Euro Socialist Forum will be led by Elisa Spiropali for the next two years, after she was voted by the delegates in this important forum of the opposition.

Miss. Spiropali explained the meaning of this voting in an interview for Top Channel.

“The campaign was very exciting, even for the competitors. Thousands of young members heard the platforms and saw that they are not just there for filling the seats, but they give inspiring ideas for a real change in this country. The election in the congress made me happy, because it shows that my ideas and my work has been valued by the delegates”.

But which are Spiropali’s objectives in FRESSH?

“The main priority is to make FRESSH a giant progressive front for a national rebirth, so that we can contribute in the front of the Socialist Party as the motor of change. FRESSH must be in the front of every political, social and cultural reform. My platform, besides this objective, has also the general spirit of the forum, foreseeing the structures that should be well established”.

The new FRESSH leader denied the voices for problems during the voting procedure.

“The FRESSH competition was very beautiful to be spoiled by the gossips of newspapers and TVs that often don’t have good intentions when they speak about us”.

 FRESSH was founded on 15 January 1992 by a group of young people. The goal of this organization is to approach Albania to the European mentality and concept of democracy and lawmaking, with the best ideas of the European social-democracy.