The new "GO" movement

The new GO movement
Representatives of the former politically persecuted people announced the start of a movement called “Go”, addressed to the Prime Minister and the government.

They accused the government of leaving Albania farther from the EU integration, and that they are not taking in consideration the interests of the politically persecuted people.

“The last decision of the Albanian Parliament legalized the centralization of power, the reestablishment of dictatorship, challenged the conditions set for the EU integration, ignored the citizens’ interests and re-imprisoned the politically persecuted people. The Albanian people have never accepted tyranny. We invited all politically persecuted people, the unemployed, the homeless, the retired people that cannot even have a coffee with the pension money, to join us on Thursday to raise our voice in protest. If you, international representatives, are not corrupted by the Albanian politics, you should not stay silenced”, says the declaration of the former persecuted people.