New discoveries in Butrint
14/06/2012 12:10

New discoveries in Butrint
A group of Albanian and international archeologists are bringing new discoveries to light at the ancient city of Butrint.

According to the head of the expedition, David Hernandez, from the Notre Damme University, Indiana, the portico of the Roman Forum is a rare discovery in Butrint.

This is one of the most important constructions in the Roman era. The building has great proportions, with high columns and hewn stone slabs on the floor, which are expected to be included in a new itinerary for thousands of visitors.

Hernandez declared that the archeologists have found more than 200 coins of different eras, together with rare objects, especially some made of marble. They have also found basements of statues and many materials that have discovered the traces of a paleochristian church that was built upon the same terrain during the fourth century.

“Students from the Notrde Damme University in USA, together with students from Albania and other parts of Europe are helping with the excavations for exchanging the study and research values, while we are seeing this experience as unique”, Hernandez declared.

“Everything here is unique. This is my first time in Albania, and the experience is vary valuable. I have worked in Pompei, but I have never been part of such an intensive expedition. All details are very exciting”, declared student Alison Fields.

“I have been here other times, but this year we excavated deeper and the objects that we found, as you can see, are very impressive. You ask me if it was exciting, and I say that there’s nothing more exciting than the fingerprints of a Butrint residents that has been resting here for 2000 years. I was thrilled when I encountered it”, declared Matt Wick, from the Notre Dame University.

The Archeologists say that the new excavations are shedding light on other periods of Butrint, but it is the first time that they collect a material that gives information about the food that has been used by the residents in different eras, and their health.

Specialists of different areas, part of this expedition, will be ready with their conclusions before the end of June, but the current findings seem to shed light even on other unknown eras of Butrint.