Kosovo, tax on Albanian cement

Kosovo, tax on Albanian cement
The government of Kosovo is protecting the domestic cement producers by placing a 35% fee on all imported cement.

This decision comes after the only cement production factory in Kosovo complained to the Ministry of Commerce for unequal price competition. According to the official sources of SharrCem, which has been privatized by a Greek Company, they have threatened to complain at CEFTA if no measures would be taken.

The Director of the Trade Policies Unit at the Ministry of Commerce,  Blerim Ahmeti, explained the reason of this decision, saying that it will be only for 90 days.

Although the Kosovo Ministry of Commerce placed this tax for all countries, Albania is the mostly damaged, since it dominates Kosovo’s cement market.

On the other hand, the SharrCem Company doesn’t have the capacities to cover the demand in Kosovo.

Regardless the arguments given by the Ministry of Commerce, this decision falls against the cooperation between the two markets and the constant declarations of both countries’ leaders, who speak about economic and political patriotism.