Discussion about Nishani's candidacy

Discussion about Nishani's candidacy
The voting of the commission of laws for verifying the constitutionality of Bujar Nishani’s candidacy for president didn’t go on very well. The opposition MPs raised suspicions for Nishani’s candidacy.

The suspicions rose through the questions of the Socialist vice Chairman of the Commission of Laws, Fatmir Xhafaj. “Are there MPs who have voted in the previous list? This falls against the Parliament regulation”, Xhafaj declared.

“As long as the candidacy is withdrawn, the MPs are free. Even if there is, they are free to propose another candidacy, if the previous is withdrawn”, answered the Democratic Party MP, Leonard Gumi.

The second question mark of the Socialists was related with Nishani’s two mandates, the one as Minister and the other as President.

“We did not see him resigning from his post as Interior Minister. Is there any document where he shows his resignation? Do you think that Nishani’s candidacy is not anti-constitutional”, Xhafaj declared.

“The anti-constitutionality would be after the vows. The Constitution is clear. As for the resignation, it has not been presented yet”, Gumi declared.

Same as during the day, when the Constitutional requests for Artan Hoxha were verified, the Socialist MP, Saimir Tahiri, made the same request for verifying the past of Mr. Nishani, the answer for which was given by Ilir Rusmali, the Chairman of the Commission of Laws.

“For the second candidate, we can take a document from the Secret Service, so that we will not have the same problem was with the first. There can be no answer. According to the Constitution and the Parliament Regulation, these are enough for the Commission. We do not support slander”, Rusmali declared.

Different from the morning, when only one Socialist member of the Commission voted against, all Socialist members voted against Nishani this time.