President, Hoxha withdraws candidacy

President, Hoxha withdraws candidacy
The newly selected candidate for president by the majority, Artan Hoxha, has withdrawn his candidacy. The news is confirmed by Top Channel journalists, while the situation in Parliament remains unexplained. Right after this decision, the majority elected Bujar Nishani as their candidate, while Vangjel Dule declared that the opposition should propose Fatos Nano.

The withdrawal declaration of Artan Hoxha

“Until yesterday night I hoped that the presidential process would have the minimal spirit of understanding and consensus, and this morning, after receiving hundreds of congratulatory messages, with some of them coming from Socialist Party members, I have continued to hope that the presidential process still promised consensus. But seeing the aggressive stances of Socialist exponents and their media, including slander and blackmail, I reached the conclusion that the presidential process cannot have the minimum of civilization, and due to the political interests, the process will not be allowed to contribute the civil factors. I have followed the presidential process very closely and have commented for a reasonable and consensual reason. I thought to contribute in the last session for the same goal, but based on what I declared above, I cannot be part of this process which apparently warns a storm.